abability: 有存货

客户还提供最佳质量夹套罐,其也可以通过定制尺寸和规格来利用。这些坦克专门设计用于迎合各种行业的要求。Known For Their International Standards, These Jacketed Tanks Find Widespread Utilisation In Various Industrial Applications Some Of The Other Details Of Our Products Are As Follows: Ava Le In The Range Of 50 Litre To 10000 Litre Capacities M.S./S.S Jacketed &Ins On With Ss Cladding Direct Top Mounted Stirrer With Top Dish/Without Bottom Dish Different Type Of Stirrer I.E. Propeller/Pedal/Anchor Available Electrical Heating Also Available For Small Vessel Moc S.S 304/316 Bottom Discharge Provided Also Available In 50 Ltr 50000 & Above. Depending On The Product.